Santa Claus and Your Spokane Conty Fire district 8 Firefighters could be coming to your neighborhood. Santa Clause visiting 5:30pm-8:30pm December 7 – 10 and December 14-17. Check the schedule daily for any potential changes due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Dec 7, 20235:30pm-8:30pm Station 81. Mullan Road Elementary School areaSantaRoute_December 7th
Dec 8, 20235:30pm-8:30pmStation 81. East of Regal between 57th and 65thSantaRoute_December 8th
Dec 9, 20235:30pm-8:30pmStation 81, Glenrose north of 57th and GlennaireSantaRoute_December 9th C
Dec 9, 20235:30pm-8:30pmStation 81, 51st, Rebecca and JuliaSantaRoute_December 9th A
Dec 9, 20235:30pm-8:30pmStation 81, Hangman HillsSantaRoute_December 9th B
Dec 10, 20235:30pm-8:30pmStation 81. 29th/Havana. Twisted Willows. Trickle Creek. Echo Glen. Sumac and 46thSantaRoute_December 10th
Dec 14, 20235:30pm-8:30pmStation 85. Bella VistaSantaRoute_December 14th
Dec 15, 20235:30pm-8:30pmStation 85. Morningside Heights, Chapman, Saltese MeadowsSantaRoute_December 15th
Dec 16, 20235:30pm-8:30pmStation 84. PonderosaSantaRoute_December 16th
Dec 17 20235:30pm-8:30pmStation 84. Painted Hills, Coyote Creek, Emory and Dickens LanesSantaRoute_December 17th
Published On: November 22nd, 2023

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