Policy Title
P10.02.01 Budget
P10.02.02 Capital Budget
P10.02.03 Financial Reporting
P10.02.04 Voucher Preapproval Authority
P10.02.05 Private Money Donations
P10.02.06 Expense Reimbursements
P10.02.07 Credit Cards
P10.02.16 Volunteer Reimbursement
P10.02.20 Electronic Payments
P10.03.01 Hiring and Selection
P10.03.02 Appointment of Fire Chief and Assistant Chief
P10.04.01 Modifications and District Logo/Brand
P10.04.02 Employment Standards
P10.04.03 Non-Discrimination Harassment
P10.04.04 Ethics
P10.04.05 Appearance and Grooming
P10.04.06 Commissioner Conduct
P10.04.07 Use of Drugs and Alcohol
P10.04.28 Distribution and or Sale of District Patches
P10.05.01 Personnel Records Access
P10.05.02 Personnel Medical Records
P10.05.05 Whistleblower
P10.07.01 Family Medical Leave
P10.07.02 Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave
P10.07.08 Military Service
P10.07.09 Personal Leave Accrual & Personal Leave Request
P10.08.01 Discipline
P10.09.01 Facilities Use
P10.10.01 Green Lights
P10.10.09 Staff & Utility Vehicle Take-Home
P10.10.11 Use of District Resources
P10.12.01 Public Records Policy
P10.12.04 Computer, Electronic Communications, & Internet Usage
P10.12.05 Social Media Digital Imagery
P40.01.01 Accident Prevention Program
P40.03.01 Vehicle Accidents
P70.01.01 Fire Cause Determination
P80.02.01 Out-of-Jurisdiction Response
P90.01.01 Vehicle Operation Minimum Standards
P90.04.01 Incident Command
P120.02.01 Hazardous Materials
P150.01.01 Training
P150.02.01 Continuing Education Reimbursement