Welcome to Spokane County Fire District 8

Spokane County Fire District 8 provides a full range of services that include fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire prevention, education and investigation, and associated support and maintenance services to our 20,694 citizens in a 110 square mile area in south Spokane County. SCFD8 members responded to 2,857 incidents in 2016 from the District's four fire stations located in the Moran, Valleyford, Ponderosa, and Saltese areas. Each station is staffed twenty-four hours a day with a combination of career, part-time, and volunteer and resident volunteer personnel.

Spokane County Fire District 8 operates under the State of Washington laws and codes governing fire departments by direction of a three-person Board of Fire Commissioners: Andy Rorie; Lee Boling, and Chuck Vyverberg, Chair.

Volunteer Firefighters Wanted!

Spokane County Fire District 8 is actively recruiting for Volunteer Firefighters, Water Tender Operators, Support Services Volunteers, and Resident Volunteer Firefighters.

If you are interested in becoming a District 8 volunteer, please submit a completed Employment Application and your current drivers abstract to: Spokane County Fire District 8, PO Box 345, 12100 E. Palouse Hwy, Valleyford, WA 99036-0345.

All applications for this recruitment period must be received before Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 4:00 pm.

For additional information, position descriptions, and an Employment Application, please see Human Resources.


Winter 2016 Fire 8 Flyer

It's winter in the northwest! Downed utility lines, power blackouts, and heavy snowfall can all lead to power outages. We have eight important Generator Safety Tips to review before you fire up your portable generator.

Would you like to serve your community as a Volunteer Firefighter?

Calling all farmers - will you join the Fire District 8 phone tree before next year's wildland fire season?

Read more on these topics, as well as Santa's annual visit; where you can donate to Toys for Tots; and, find out which fire district was awarded First Place in Washington State for Management Excellence in the Winter 2016 Edition of the Fire 8 Flyer.


District 8 Receives Management Excellence Award

The Washington State Fire Commissioners Association awarded Spokane County Fire District 8’s leadership and management team with first place in Washington State for the Management Excellence Award Program for category “A” class fire departments during their fall conference in Yakima on October 28th. SCFD8 participated against fire departments with budgets greater than $4,000,000 and received first place in the State of Washington.

The Management Excellence Award is based on multiple criteria including: Governance; Administratve and Operational Management; Public Services; Public Education; Financial Management; and Leadership.

An independent selection committee reviews and compares the criteria to other similarly sized organizations in Washington State and selects the winner. The purpose of the Management Excellence Award Program is to provide a means of sharing information, innovative ideas and the variety of activities taking place throughout the state of Washington; to give recognition to those in the fire service that have demonstrated progressive achievement; and, to benefit all fire districts and regional fire authorities, regardless of size, location, budget, or number of personnel.

“We are very humbled and honored to have been chosen for this award.  It just reinforces my belief that we have a great organization providing exceptional emergency services and value to the public,” said Fire Chief Tony Nielsen.


Spokane County's Emergency Notification System

How will you be notified if there’s an emergency in your neighborhood? Through ALERT Spokane – a Spokane County emergency notification system! ALERT Spokane is used to inform citizens about emergencies in their area. The ALERT Spokane system can be activated by law enforcement, fire service, and water districts, etc. Once activated, a recorded message is sent to landline telephones with information about the emergency and what actions to take. For example, if there’s a wildfire in your area, you might be told to evacuate, or you might receive a boil order from your drinking water provider. 

If you rely on a cell phone or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone, you will not receive an emergency message from ALERT Spokane – unless you register your cell phone in the system.  It’s easy to do. Just go to www.alertspokane.org and enter your information. You can register more than one cell phone number and also request email notification. Stay informed – stay safe – register with ALERT Spokane!



How do we know if we are successful in implementing performance measures, the strategic plan, and delivering effective and efficient services? We use FireStat, a process that requires review of performance measures and strategic plan projects. FireStat provides an opportunity for us to assess progress on strategic projects and if necessary, redirect our efforts. Look for the FireStat icon link on the this page to track our progress.


Customer Satisfaction Survey

We are constantly seeking ways to improve our service to you. If SCFD8 firefighters and paramedics have responded to an emergency for you or one of your family members, please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on the service you received by completing our Customer Satisfaction Survey.

We welcome your feedback and comments.


The next regular
Board of Fire Commissioners
meeting is scheduled for:

February 14, 2017
6:00 p.m.

Station 82
12100 E Pal
ouse Hwy
Valleyford, WA

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