Spokane County Fire District 8 uses Municipal Research and Services Center Rosters (MRSC) to maintain our Small Works and Consultant Rosters. To be eligible to work on small public works projects or consultant projects for SCFD8, please join MRSC Rosters for free at www.mrscrosters.org and select Spokane County Fire District 8 in your account.

Register now for SCFD8’s Roster by clicking on the following links:

MRSC – Contractor Registration – Small Works

MRSC – Consultant Registration

All contractors performing work for SCFD8 must pay prevailing wages. Contractors will be required to complete prevailing wage documentation. Prevailing Wage Information – WA State L&I

Disbursal of Public Funds: Agencies may not make any payments where employers have not submitted an Intent form that has been approved by the Industrial Statistician. Agencies may not release retainage until all employers have submitted an Affidavit form that has been certified by the Industrial Statistician. The requirement to submit these forms should also be stated in the contract. RCW 39.12.030, RCW 39.12.040 and RCW 39.12.042

MRSC Rosters